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Professional Attic insulation removal

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Attic Services In Livermore

Have you noticed a sudden rise in utility bills? Feeling cold drafts during the winter months but can’t find the source? You might be dealing with insufficient insulation in your home. Improperly insulated attics can cause uncomfortable living conditions while draining utility bills.

During the summer months, heat could be entering your home and making your HVAC system run constantly. Conversely, in the winter months, you may experience drafts and heat leaking from the attic, making your heating system work overtime. Our attic professionals can audit your attic to determine if you need attic insulation.

Foam Board Insulation

Foam board is a third type of insulation our attic professionals use and is typically installed during construction. If you are renovating your attic, we can install it at that time. This type of insulation is glued or screwed down and is very rigid.

Reflective Insulation

Reflective insulation is excellent for attic ceilings as it reflects heat from the sun. It keeps your house cool during the warmer months and protects warm air during the colder seasons. Our attic professionals can install any of these types of insulation for you.

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Choosing Insulation For The Attic
There are many choices of insulation for your attic, mainly depending on what area of the attic needs insulating. We can inspect an older home’s insulation and find out if the insulation needs to be replaced. We can also optimize your newer or existing home to build the optimum level of insulation and comfort for years to come!

Blown-In Or Loose Fill Insulation

One type of insulation is blown-in or loose-fill insulation. This type of insulation is ideal for unfinished attics. A large tube blows out insulation and can be distributed to the hard-to-reach areas in your attic. Blown-in insulation is an affordable option that is easy to install.

Batts And Rolls Insulation

Another type of insulation our Attic Project technicians use is called batts and rolls. Batting is blanket insulation that comes on a roll. It’s also great for unfinished spaces.

You may be familiar with this type of insulation, as it is usually pink or yellow in color. This type of insulation keeps heat or cold from passing through, trapping it in its fibers. The only difference between the batts and the rolls is that batts are already pre-cut. If taken care of properly, this type of insulation can last for a long time.

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